• The Tool is a revolutionary technology that combines the features of a scratcher with a high pressure fluid delivery system.

    The patent and process pending technology has a 100% successful track record of significantly increasing oil and gas production.


    Historical Results:

    ·       Oil wells experience as much as a 250% INCREASE IN PRODUCTION

    ·       Gas wells experience a 90% PRODUCTION INCREASE.

    ·       Disposal well and injector well efficiency, which measures how much fluid can be added to wells and how fast it can be put away, averages A 66% INCREASE.


    This exclusive technology provides a COST EFFECTIVE multi-phase cleaning that addresses a major cause of inefficient well production without damaging the formation.


    The Tool system’s high pressure jets are offset to provide continuous 360 degree washing while the tool’s brushes provide double coverage on liner or casing surfaces. Perforation obstructions are removed with just one application resulting in the EFFICIENT FLOW OF FLUID.


    The Tool will produce superior results in oil wells, gas wells, injector wells and disposal wells.


    We are committed to helping your company maximize oil and gas production, and the Tool system is the best tool on the market.


    Let Last Drop Oil and Gas, LLC be your production enhancement professionals, OIL FLOW IS CASH FLOW!


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