How The Hyper-Scratcher Works


The Hyper Scratcher System is a multi-phase cleaning system that gives oil companies a cost-effective means of well stimulation by cleaning the immediate interface between producing zone and invaded zone without forcing fluid into formation and altering its permeability. It is designed to be applied in a number of types of wells: completed wells, inner liner completed wells, solid string completed wells, and horizontal wells just name a few.

With a spiral, 360 degree phase brush configuration, The Hyper Scratcher provide double coverage on all inner surfaces of liner or casing. Jet alignment provides a continuous washing of slots or perforations. The filtering system consists of 40 micron stainless steel strainer placed 30 feet above the tool, No special work string is required; your existing tubing will do. The Hyper Scratcher tool scratches and hyper washes in one trip, resulting in reduced rig time, and that means more money for your business.